Sunday, 24 February 2013

Free Tarot Card Readings
Are you having problems with your partner or family or your career? I am a psychic tarot card reader and you can always phone me 24 hours on 0906 570 4135. Calls cost £1.53 per minute, mobiles and other networks may vary. Call me now if you need a reading.

I have been doing tarot card readings since 2003 which is for 10 years now. My background is BSc Hons Psychology so I was always interested in studying people and what makes us tick. There are many things we do not understand like gut feelings, psychic phenomena, ghosts, poltergeists, the dead which have left us, why the living treat us the way we do, partners and how to be with them. I am 48 years old so I have experience in many fields. Tell me your problem and I can help you. I offer one free email question if you go to my website and subscribe to my newsletter:  Last night it was 11pm and I was quite tired. My husband had gone to sleep when I heard someone upstairs. I jumped when I heard movement like someone walking upstairs and about the house. But all the doors were locked. I then went around to see if any were open. I was shocked to find that my back door was not locked and still had the key in the door so I quickly locked it. Then I was afraid that it was too late. Someone may be in the house. I went upstairs to find noone there.

I wondered whether my angel of God had pre warned me that someone would have come in the night if I had not realised and locked the back door. My husband always locks the doors but he must have forgotten that one door. He usually never forgot. This has never happened to me before. I knew that I had been warned by the other world. Just in time. I had even heard movement in the garden last night when I heard that noise and things seemed moved when I looked this morning at the garden. It was not gut feelings as normally I never check the doors and certainly do not hear that noise upstairs.

We will all find that we are given signals in our life by the other world to help us in this present life to make the right decisions. It can be in the form of gut feelings but also like I heard strange noises upstairs last night. Listen to that world. We miss things in life otherwise. You can avoid disasters if you listen to that sound inside your head telling you what you should do.

We all have some psychic powers if we can connect with them. Too busy to listen to the signs, either running around, working, cooking, watching kids, visiting people, travelling. We do not notice things. Silence and meditation can help us hear those signals and sounds. Self help books can help us also make the right decisions. Reading is so empowering and teaches us so much. I spent most of my life reading books and understanding people. But we are all learning about people, aren't we?

This is just a taster of psychic powers. Read my next blog as I will expand on this. For now, think about what I have said. If you would like a tarot reading which is where I tell your future using the Rider Waite Tarot Cards please do phone me. Telephone readings are as accurate as face to face readings. You can always email me your one free email question first. I enjoy helping people.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

How to make money by renting your rooms out By Tina Sawhney Learn from me how to make big money in renting out properties. Thursday 04/10/12 I have been letting flats and rooms and now the guesthouse for 25 years now. I am experienced enough to be able to answer your questions if any and love a challenge. Would you like to know how to make big money by just a little work. Firstly you need a property. it depends on whether you want to start small time or big time. I will discuss the different ways to make money by renting rooms, flats and then running a guesthouse. Renting rooms are a good start on a short or long term basis. Advertising costs little to rent rooms on google.Get some extra income now. Google it and you will find a suitable site to advertise your room. There are some sites that are free for you to register your accoommodation details. Note you need to advertise in order to get the right person to rent your room. It is no good thinking you will be lucky and someone will just come along. They may do but they may not be the kind of person you want living in your property. I always look for working tenants as they make the best ones. Students with part time jobs or even full time foreign students are good too. A man who is busy working or studying has no time to give you too much hassle. The moral is An idle man is the devils work. The person that I am is always working to make the next buck. I cannot sit penniless doing nothing. I might as well die. I am sure you are the same as you are reading my article. I want everyone to be successful llke myself. Mind you please dont think that the recession has not hit me hard as it has. You cannot avoid recession but if you are hard working you will always succeed. People say there is no work. You should go to India and other third world countries where they have no benefit system or free NHS hospital treatment. They have little work in those countries also for uneducated persons let alone the educated persons though things are improving. My parents are born in India and that is my culture, religion and background. My parents have worked very hard to bring me and my sister up. I have BSc Hons Psychology and my sister is a chartered accountant so I guess my parents did bring us up well by ensuring that we became educated to graduate level. Education is not everything but I would advise every one to get a skill in their life whether it be a degree or specialising in a field that you are interested in. This is my blog diary so i will write again soon about the next way to gain income from renting out a property. I have simply covered renting rooms but I have a lot more to say about it. Until next time. I dont know when but soon hopefully..... Tina Sawhney